2013-10-04: Fall 2013

Minutes, SSRIC
Meeting, Friday, October 4, California State Polytechnic University, San Luis

Attending in person:

John Korey (Pomona), Ed Nelson (Fresno), Greg Bohr (San Luis

Attending online:

Rich Taketa (San Jose), Francis Neely (San
Francisco), Ellen Berg (Sacramento), Rhonda Dugan (Bakersfield), Tim class=SpellE>Kubal (Fresno), class=SpellE>Kimmy Kee Rose (Channel Islands),
Ginger Shoulders (San Diego), Jill Yamashita (Monterey
Bay), Matt Jarvis (Fullerton), Gerard Wellman (Stanislaus), Josh class=SpellE>Miesel (Humboldt), Gene Turner (Northridge), Stafford Cox
(Long Beach), Mario Guerrero (Pomona), Lori Weber (Chico)

Guests (online): Steve Stambough (Fullerton), Sarah Jay Philips (Humboldt), Andrew Roderick (San Francisco)

New Member

Kimmy Kee Rose (Channel Islands), Ginger Shoulders (San Diego), Jill Yamashita (Monterey Bay)

Agenda Approval

Voted on, approved

Student Research
Conference Planning

  • Geisler Awards
    • Contributing up to $25,000
      • $5,000: Best Undergraduate Paper
      • $5,000: Best Graduate Paper
      • $5,000: Best Paper Using Quantitative data
      • $100 per presentation (first author listed who
  • Publicity and other logistics
    • A one-shot deal, it is important to promote the
      conference because of the Geisler Awards
  • Sponsorships
    • Possibility of getting sponsorships for the
  • Teleconference with Geisler
    • Perhaps with Steve
  • Award review committee
    • We need to develop a more thorough process

Steve class=SpellE>Stambough’s Report

  • The pavilion is reserved and we have great
    facilities available.
  • The Division of Student Affairs will provide
    funding for the facilities on the Fullerton campus.
  • style='font-family:Symbol;'> Keynote speaker is from Fullerton’s Pi Sigma
    Alpha society, a 2008 alumnus: will talk about the use of quantitative data in
    a career path.
  • Fullerton’s Student Affairs Division is
    potentially interested in sponsorship for the conference as well.


  • Sponsorships: The council did not take formal action on the issue of campus sponsorship. There were no objections to exploring possibilities.
  • Award Decisions: The council agreed that students must be present at the conference to receive an award. The awards committee will choose backup winners in case those chosen are not present.
  • The council debated about making the award process blind; there are questions about how much work this would entail. The awards committee will deal with this issue, depending on how to divide the work between members.
  • The council decided and voted that, while students from California community colleges) may make presentations, the awards should be limited to CSU students only. Only students can be listed as authors, and students must have done the bulk of the work.
  • The council voted and approved the following for award eligibility: “Papers that are published or forthcoming in a peer-reviewed journal (excluding student journals) are not eligible, nor are book chapters.”
  • Award Committee: Ellen, Greg, Rhonda, Matt, Tim, Kimmy, and Jill volunteered to be on the award
    committee. John will chair the committee as a non-voting member.
  • Hotel accommodations: We need to know who is
    coming to campus to reserve a block of rooms at the Marriott. Steve will send
    an email soon.

Approval of minutes
of Spring 2013/Winter 2013

  • The Spring minutes have
    been voted on and approved.
  • Rich Takata has the class=GramE>Winter minutes and they will be uploaded to the website.

Humboldt Library

  • Josh and Sarah Fay Philips presented their library research guide, which can be found on http://libguides.humboldt.edu/ssric.
  • The research guide would be the central tool for
    finding and navigating data for CSU students and faculty.
  • Josh and Sarah have rolled out a limited version
    and are anticipating input from the SSRIC to provide a more comprehensive
  • Sarah offered to share the resource with
    university librarians. If any representative needed Sarah to introduce
    librarians to the resource, she requested that representatives e-mail her.
  • Sarah would like representatives to e-mail her
    with recommendations, based on discipline, on how to improve the guide.

Council Vacancies
(San Bernardino, Sonoma)

San Bernardino and Sonoma have not yet appointed new
representatives. Sonoma has renewed their
subscription, but San Bernardino has not. Ed will attempt to contact Kevin.
John will continue to contact the representative from San Bernardino.

Resubscription (San Bernardino, Pomona)

Pomona has not renewed their subscription for
this year. Pomona was one of the campuses that was up in usage last year class=GramE>. This is surprising, but Mario will contact the Associate
Dean with new usage statistics provided by John. Ed will contact Faye Wachs and Stacy McGoldrick at Pomona and ask them to contact the Associate Dean to urge that the campus resubscribe, and will write Kevin Schultz at San Bernardino for help in reaching Chuck Borden, the contact person on that campus.

Usage Statistics

The new usage statistics, including data for the 2012-2013
school year, are now online: http://ssric.org/node/438.
Representatives should regularly download data and encourage their use in their


  • Ginger will work on the outreach handout.
  • The subscription letter sent to universities for
    renewal needs to be re-written, adding resources, such as workshops, research
    guide, etc.
  • The student research conference is the oldest
    conference at the CSU. John suggested that we come up with a new name to
    solidify an identity. If anyone has ideas about changing the name, email John.
  • There was a suggestion to have a section of the website where we list student presentations at conferences including at the SSRIC and regional conferences. Matt has a list of CSU-affiliated presenters at the Western Political Science Association meeting. Ed will prepare a list of CSU students who present at the California Sociological Association meetings and will contact the Pacific Sociological Association to try to obtain a similAR LIST FOR psa MEETINGS. John suggested that all representatives come up with similar lists with different disciplines. John will update the website with that information.
  • A new SSRIC Facebook page will be created to
    encourage use of SSRIC resources.
  • There are a few links to qualitative research.
    Tim wants to include a link to more resources based on qualitative research.
    These links have expanded and will continue to expand.
  • Richard suggested that with the government
    shutdown, that representatives encourage the use of SSRIC data in the meantime.

Fresno State Library

  • Available on the Fresno Library website ( href="http://www.fresnostate.edu/library">http://www.fresnostate.edu/library),
    Ed and John have provided extended PowerPoints and
    YouTube videos of how to use the ICSPR, Field, and Roper datasets.
  • These can be used to hold workshops on how to
    use these resources.
  • Other campuses are encouraged to do the same.


There could be various campus workshops held across the
state. The Council gauged interest on whether or not holding workshops
throughout the academic year.

ICSPR Summer Program

Greg volunteered to coordinate applications for the ICSPR
Summer Program.

Retirement of old

There are some modules on the website that are now old and
out-of-date. There is no procedure for this. They can be found here: href="http://ssric.org/trd/modules">http://ssric.org/trd/modules. We should
work toward either removing them or updating them with new issues, topics, and
data. If anyone has new material, please email Ed and John.

Andrew Roderick’s Website

  • If campuses do not re-subscribe, then Andrew will be the
    contact for removing them from the ICPSR database.
  • They added the ability to make a copy of the
    email list for distribution in email applications.
  • Andrew is working on making the website
    accessible to all audiences, in compliance with the CSU.
  • Andrew fielded questions and raised
    possibilities about adding online courses as resources to the website.
  • Andrew is available to answer any questions
    related to the website.

Field subcommittee

The Field Review subcomittee for Field Faculty Felloowship was recently changed to be
non-SSRIC members. Please send names for potential reviewers to Ed. The
committee does its work in late-April.


  • Update your long list of faculty email contacts
    on the SSRIC page.
  • The SSRIC fall newsletter is out, sent to the
    long list, and is online. Forward it to others on your campus, if relevant.
  • The SPSS tutorial has a new version. We are
    waiting for McGraw Hill to revert the copyrighted material back to us in order
    to update this tutorial.
  • A new draft of the SSRIC roster has been
  • Information about the council have been updated
    and will continue to be done. John is looking for more
    information for past meetings, annual reports, members, and records, if you
    have them, please send them.