Past Council Chairs and Campus Representatives

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Past Council Chairs

1972-1973, Betty Nesvold (Political Science, San Diego)
1973-1974, Loy Bilderback (History, Fresno)
1974-1975, Charles McCall (Political Science, Bakersfield)
1975-1976, A. Jay Stevens (Political Science, Long Beach)
1976-1977, Wayne Martin (Political Science, Dominguez Hills)
1977-1978, Bruce Haston (Political Science, Humboldt)
1978-1979, John Korey (Political Science, Pomona)
1979-1980, Jim Ross (Sociology, Bakersfield)
1980-1981, Paul Strand (Political Science/Social Science Research Lab, San Diego)
1981-1982, Jon Ebeling (Political Science, Chico)
1982-1983, Edward Nelson (Sociology, Fresno)
1983-1984, Richard Shaffer (Sociology, San Luis Obispo)
1984-1985, Don Dixon (Political Science, Sonoma)
1985-1986, Lawrence Giventer (Political Science, Stanislaus)
1986-1987, Elliot Barkan (History, San Bernardino)
1987-1988, Richard DeLeon (Political Science, San Francisco)
1988-1989, Eugene Turner (Geography, Northridge)
1989-1990, Dan Graves (Political Science, Hayward)
1990-1991, Ted Anagnoson (Political Science, Los Angeles)
1991-1992, Margaret Blue (Political Science, Dominguez Hills)
1992-1993, Richard Serpe (Social Science Research Center, Fullerton)
1993-1994, Edward Nelson (Sociology, Fresno)
1994-1995, Jae Emenhiser (Political Science, Humboldt)
1995-1996, Jim Ross (Sociology, Bakersfield)
1996-1997, Nan Chico (Sociology, Hayward)
1997-1998, Eugene Turner (Geography, Northridge)
1998-1999, John Korey (Political Science, Pomona)
1999-2000, Jim Gerber (Economics, San Diego State)
2000-2001, Ted Lascher (Public Policy and Administration, Sacramento)
2001-2002, Elliot Barkan (History, San Bernardino)
2002-2003, Richard Shaffer (Sociology, San Luis Obispo)
2003-2004, Randall MacIntosh (Sociology, Sacramento)
2004-2005, Richard Taketa (Geography, San Jose State)
2005-2006, Michael Reibel (Geography, Pomona)
2006-2007, Ed Nelson (Sociology, Fresno)
2007-2008, Lori Weber (Political Science, Chico)
2008-2009, Kathy Naff (Public Administration, San Francisco)
2009-2010, Ellen Berg (Sociology, Sacramento)
2010-2011, Greg Bohr (Geography, San Luis Obispo)
2011-2012, Josh Meisel (Sociology, Humboldt)
2012-2013, Rhonda Dugan (Sociology, Bakersfield)
2013-2014, John Korey Political Science, at-large)
2014-2015, Matt Jarvis (Political Science, Fullerton)
2015-2016, Stafford Cox (Communications, Long Beach)
2016-2017, Eugene Turner (Geography, at-large)

Past Council Representatives. Incomplete list: please send additions or corrections to John Korey


  • Charles McCall (political science)
  • Jim Ross (sociology)
  • Laura Hecht (sociology)
  • Billy Wagner (sociology; now at Channel Islands)
  • Robin Hognas (sociology)


  • Robert Ross (political science)
  • Mike King (psychology)
  • Jon Ebeling (political science)

Channel Islands

  • Steve Stratton (library science)

Dominguez Hills

  • Wayne Martin (political science)
  • Dick Palmer (political science)
  • Margaret Blue (political science)
  • Kanghu Hsu (sociology)
  • Ricky Bluthenthal (sociology)
  • Matt Mutchler (sociology)
  • Brenda Riddick (political science)
  • Annie Wilson Whetmore (political science)

East Bay (formerly Hayward)

  • Dan Graves (political science)
  • Nan Chico (sociology)


  • Loy Bilderback (history)
  • Ed Nelson (sociology; now at-large)


  • Phil Gianos (political science)
  • Richard Serpe (sociology; see also San Marcos)
  • Mark Drayse (geography)
  • Steve Stambough (political science)


  • Bruce Haston (political science)
  • JeDon Emenhiser (political science)
  • Stephanie Burkhalter (political science)
  • Christopher Aberson (psychology)

Long Beach

  • Jay Stevens (political science)
  • Hal Hubbard (sociology)
  • Frank Gossette (geography)

Los Angeles

  • Ken Wagner (political science)
  • Stan Hopper (political science)
  • Harry Hall (political science)
  • Ben Smith (political science)
  • John Korey (political science; now at large; see also Pomona)
  • Ted Anagnoson (political science)
  • Ali Modarres (geography)

Maritime Academy

  • David McCuan (political science; see also Sonoma)

Monterrey Bay

  • George Baldwin (sociology/psychology)
  • Melissa Tamas (psychology)


  • Roger Harrell (political science)
  • Jack Crowther (sociology)
  • Gene Turner (geography; now at large)


  • Barbara Way (political science)
  • John Korey (political science; now at large; see also Los Angeles)
  • Mike Reibel (geography)
  • Sandra Emerson (political science)


  • Ron Fox (political science)
  • Betty Moulds (political science)
  • Carol Barnes (sociology)
  • Ted Lascher (public policy and administration)
  • Randall MacIntosh (sociology)
  • Ellen Berg (sociology)
  • Meredith Williams (sociology)
  • Jennifer Murphy (sociology)

San Bernardino

  • Brij Khare (political science)
  • Sheldon Kamieniecki (political science)
  • Dave Decker (sociology)
  • Dave Lutz (psychology)
  • Elliott Barkan (history)
  • Pamela Schram (criminal justice)
  • Kevin Grisham (geography)
  • Thomas Long (history)

San Diego

  • Betty Nesvold (political science)
  • Dick Hofstetter (political science)
  • Paul Strand (political science)
  • Debbie Dunkle (political science)
  • Jim Gerber (economics)
  • Carole Kennedy (political science)
  • Nadine Misiaszek (data resources)
  • Tia Hilmer (economics)

San Francisco

  • Gene Geisler (political science)
  • Rich DeLeon (political science)
  • David Tabb (political science)
  • Christopher Bettenger (sociology)

San Jose

  • Ellen Boneparth (political science)
  • Larry Brewster (political science)
  • Barbara Norrander (political science)
  • Charlene Leonard (history)
  • Rich Taketa (geography)

San Luis Obispo

  • David George (political science)
  • Randal Cruikshanks (political science)
  • Dick Shaffer (sociology)

San Marcos

  • Richard Serpe (sociology; see also Fullerton)


  • John Kramer (political science)
  • Don Dixon (political science)
  • David McCuan (political science; see also Maritime Academy)


  • Richard Mendes (political science)
  • Larry Giventer (political science)
  • Stephen Routh (political science)
  • Gerard Wellman (political Science)

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