General Social Survey (2014): Abortion


  • ABORTION1A - Exercise Using SPSS to Explore Measurement, Reliability and Relationships Between Variables
  • ABORTION2A - Exercise Using SPSS to Explore Measurement and Relationships Between Variables

Author: Ed Nelson
Department of Sociology M/S SS97
California State University, Fresno
Fresno, CA 93740

© The Author, 2015, 2016; Last Modified  September 3, 2016.

Note to the Instructor: The data set used in this exercise is gss14_subset_for_classes_ABORTION.sav which is a subset of the 2014 General Social Survey. Some of the variables in the GSS have been recoded to make them easier to use and some new variables have been created. The data have been weighted according to the instructions from the National Opinion Research Center. These exercises use SPSS to analyze the data. A good reference on using SPSS is SPSS for Windows Version 23.0 A Basic Tutorial by Linda Fiddler, John Korey, Edward Nelson (Editor), and Elizabeth Nelson. The online version of the book is on the Social Science Research and Instructional Center's Website. You have permission to use this exercise and to revise it to fit your needs. Please send a copy of any revision to the author. 

Keywords for the Exercises

  • ABORTION1A: Compute (SPSS), Frequencies (SPSS), percents (statistics), Chi Square (statistics), measures of association (statistics), Cronbach’s Alpha (statistics), measurement, reliability, two-variable analysis,abortion
  • ABORTION2A: Recode (SPSS), Frequencies (SPSS), Crosstabs (SPSS), percents (statistics), Chi Square (statistics), measures of association (statistics), two-variable analysis, three-variable analysis, abortion

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