Call for 2023 CALSPEAKS CSU Faculty Fellowship Proposals (Due 1/13/2023)

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Proposal Deadline - January 13, 2023 (11:59 pm)

Proposals to place survey questions on the upcoming CalSpeaks statewide public opinion panel will be accepted through JANUARY 13TH, 2023.

The fellowship includes:

  • translation of fellow’s questions into Spanish;
  • programming of survey questions into Qualtrics;
  • fielding of data to the CALSPEAKS panel;
  • response weighting of the survey;
  • data set with fellows’ survey questions and panel demographic questions;
  • code book and weighting report.

Research topics selected should be of interest to policy makers of California, be relevant for responses of a cross-section or panel of Californian adults.

Please see the RFP announcement for additional details.


Proposals must include the following:

  1. Introduction to the project (~250 words)

  2. Background (relevant literature w/ references, ~1000 words)

  3. Proposed questions (8-14 questions)

  4. Plans for analysis and publication (~500 words)

  5. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a pdf attachment.


Data Archives:

Coming soon!


Citation Formatting:

Any CALSPEAKS data accessed from the SSRIC website or collected via this fellowship, and used for publication, should be cited as follows:

AUTHOR(s), YEAR. CalSpeaks SSRIC Data Sets (California State University, Sacramento. Institute for Social Research, YEAR-VERSION, DOI:)

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Questions regarding this program can be addressed to Dr. Michael Latner, CALSPEAKS Task Force Chair, at