IBM SPSS Statistics, Version 26: A Basic Tutorial.


This book is intended for those who want to learn the basics of SPSS. It can be used as a text in a class or by those working independently. Each chapter has instructions that guide you through a series of problems, as well as graphics showing you what your screen should look like at various steps in the process. There are also exercises at the end of each chapter for further practice. More exercises and teaching modules are on the Teaching Resources page of the Social Science Research and Instructional Center (SSRIC) website.

The tutorial uses two datasets:

There are several options for obtaining SPSS. It can be purchased for $99 monthly. There are two less expensive options for students and faculty. A faculty pack is available for $260 annually and a GradPack (for students) is available for anywhere between $39.95 and $89 for a period of six or twelve months. For more information on purchasing SPSS, click here .

Editor: Edward Nelson. For this edition, Nelson is the principal author of chapters 2-6, and 10. Korey is the principal author of chapters 7-9. Nelson and Korey are the joint co-authors of Chapter 1. Contributors to previous editions have also included Nan Chico (CSU East Bay), Linda Fiddler (Bakersfield), Laura Hecht (CSU Bakersfield), Elizabeth Nelson (CSU Fresno), James Ross (CSU Bakersfield), and Richard A. Shaffer (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo).


Note: The manuscript is available in MS Word . You can use your browser to download it. Datasets (in SPSS system file [.sav] format), can also be downloaded using your browser.

  • Chapter 1: A Brief Introduction to SPSS

    • Using SPSS
    • Menu Bar
    • Where to Get More Information
    • What’s in This Tutorial?
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 2: Creating, Saving, and Opening Data Files

    • Creating Your Own Data File in SPSS
    • Variable Names
    • Value Labels
    • Missing Values
    • Entering the Data Definitions
    • Entering the Data Values and Saving the File
    • Opening Existing SPSS files
    • Opening an Excel File in SPSS
    • Opening Other Types of Files in SPSS
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 3: Transforming Data

    • Recoding Variables
    • Recoding into Different Variables
    • Recoding into Same Variable
    • Creating New Variables Using COMPUTE
    • Creating New Variables Using IF
    • Using Count
    • Using Select Cases
    • Weighting
    • Chapter Three Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 4: Univariate Statistics

    • Frequencies
    • Charts and Graphs
    • Descriptives
    • Explore
    • Chapter Four Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 5: Cross Tabulations

    • Chapter Five Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 6: Comparing Means

    • Independent Samples T-Test
    • Paired-Samples T test
    • One-Way Analysis of Variance
    • Chapter Six Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 7: Correlation and Regression

    • Correlation
    • Regression
    • Chapter Seven Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 8: Multivariate Analysis

    • Crosstabs Revisited
    • Multiple Regression
    • Chapter Eight Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 9: Presenting Your Data

    • Charts
      • General
      • Bar Charts
      • Box Plots
      • Line Charts
    • Tables
      • Copying and Pasting Charts and Tables to a Document
    • Chapter Nine Exercises
    • Next Chapter
  • Chapter 10: Writing Research Reports

    • An Outline of Your Research Report
    • Tables
    • Footnotes or Endnotes?
    • Citing Articles, Papers, and Other Materials
    • Plagiarism
    • Proofreading
    • Other Guides to Research Reports
  • Appendices – Codebooks

    • A: Codebook for the 2018 General Social Survey Subset
    • B: Codebook for the Countries Data

Data Files

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