45th Annual CSU, SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium, 2020 Online

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The CSU, SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium
Thursday, May 7, 2020

Because of coronavirus, the in-person conference at CSU San Bernardino has been postponed until Spring 2021. This year's conference will now be held online on May 7 and will be hosted by
San Jose State University.

For more information, please contact Matthew Holian <matthew.holian@sjsu.edu>

The CSU SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium (S4, pronounced "ess four") is modeled on professional conferences in the social sciences. The Council invites all undergraduates and graduate students, from all CSU campuses and California community colleges, in all areas of the social sciences, to present their research to their peers. Research that involves human or animal subjects must have appropriate institutional review.


Individual and group papers are welcome.  Participants will make oral presentations of about 12 minutes in length. Lunch will be provided to participants.

The atmosphere of the Symposium is relaxed, and the emphasis is on meeting and sharing with students with similar interests from throughout the CSU. Dress should be dressy casual.

AWARDS: Thanks to the continued generosity of Dr. Gene Geisler, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at San Francisco State and a key founding member of the SSRIC, the 2020 Symposium will include three $500 best paper awards. Other presenters may receive small amounts to help defray travel expenses. Eligibility for awards is limited to current CSU undergraduates, Master's level graduate students, and students in the first two full years of a CSU doctoral program, including recent graduates (Fall term 2019 or later) presenting work completed prior to graduation. Detailed information is provided in the Official Rules for SSRIC Symposium concerning the available monies and eligibility. 

Before you register, read the Official Rules for the SSRIC Symposium very carefully. If the Adobe Reader PDF viewer is not already installed on your device, you'll need the free download. You can also review specific examples on how to layout your abstract/paper.

To be considered for a best paper award, you must register for the Symposium and submit your full paper with your registration. Papers may not exceed 20 pages in length, not including references, graphs, tables, or appendices. In addition, include an abstract of between 150-250 words.

If you are not interested in being considered for an award, but would like to make an oral presentation at the Symposium, register for the Symposium and post an abstract of between 150-250 words with your registration.

The Symposium will be held on the CSU San Bernardino campus All-day parking on campus is $6 per day.

Check-in is at the "Meeting Center" building on the CSU San Bernardino campus. Workstations running Microsoft Powerpoint and projection units may be available in the presentation rooms. To avoid problems in loading presentations, bring your laptop with PowerPoint file on a CD or flash drive. Presenters should bring a paper copy of their presentations in case the technology doesn't work. Be sure to let Dr. Vogelsang know if you have any additional needs.

Special note to guests. There is no cost associated with the conference in that the individual CSU campuses subscribe to the SSRIC. The funding is fairly limited so, while guests are welcome to attend, we would ask that you not take part in the food that we will offer participants in the morning and at lunch.  We are sorry to not be able to include you in our meals.  Guests do not need to register or have a badge.  CSU San Bernardino has several restaurants nearby the "Meeting Center".

If you have questions, contact (in order of priority):

Attention Presenters, See handouts for: