Teaching Resources

Online Textbooks
We currently provide free online websites/textbooks for Several statistical packages, including SPSS, PSPP, and SDA and for research methods in political science.

Instructional Handouts
Handouts on use of various data resources. Suitable for use in classrooms and workshops.
Stand-alone exercises for use in introductory, substantive, or research methods courses in the social sciences

Links to Other Instructional Sites
Teaching resources from various other sites, including the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), the Chance project in quantitative literacy, and the Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics.

Instructional Data Subsets
In addition to online textbooks and instructional modules and exercises, the SSRIC also offers a series of instructional data subsets and accompanying codebooks. As indicated, most of these have been taken from other sources, but can be used on a stand alone basis as instructors see fit.

If you would like to contribute material to our depository of teaching resources, please contact your campus SSRIC representative.

Last updated: October 2020