2000-02-24: Winter 2000

Meeting of February 24-25, 2000

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Present: E. Barkan (SB), M. Blue (DH), J. Ebeling (CH), T. Lascher
(SA), J. Korey (PO), J. Ross (BA), N. Chico (HA), J. Gerber (SD – Chair),
G. Turner (NO), E. Nelson (FR), T. Anagnoson (LA – Scribe), G. Garcia (SSDBA,
LA), A. Hernandez (SSDBA – LA).

Absent: G. Baldwin (MB), R. Shaffer (SLO), R. Taketa (SJ), D.
Dixon (SO), J. Emenhiser (HU), P. Gianos (FU), L. Giventer (ST), F. Gossette
(LB), R. Serpe (SM), D. Tabb (SF).

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m. on Friday, February
25, 2000, in the Advisement Center at CSU Dominguez Hills by Jim Gerber,

2. Minutes of the Fall, 1999 meeting were approved as submitted.

3. Student Research Conference – suggestions for improvement:

    a. Poster sessions

    b. Welcome jointly written faculty-student papers

    c. Emphasize the paper as a stepping stone to publication

    d. Hold the conference in Spring, not Winter

    e. Hold a virtual conference – although not clear how to do this....

    f. Hold the conference on Saturday, not Thursday, in order to make it more
    attractive to working students.

    g. Hold the conference in conjunction with the all-CSU conference or a
    campus precursor to the all-CSU conference.

    h. Go to your respective Dean and ask him/her to support the travel of
    one undergraduate and one graduate student to the conference.

    Motion (Ebeling/Nelson): to move the conference to the Spring SSRIC
    meeting, hold it on Saturday, promote it through a list of activities to
    be sent around from Ted Lascher, hold it with poster sessions, and to move
    it up in April from the last weekend of the month toward the middle of
    the month, and to allow or emphasize jointly written faculty/student papers,
    with the student presenting. Passed unanimously.

    Also consensus to hold it separately from the CSU, and to arrange displays
    of software or books if possible.

    Paper winners for this year: Peter Kim of CSU Northridge won the Nesvold
    award for the best graduate student paper for his paper "Ronald Reagan
    vs. Terrell Bell: Conflict in the Status and Significance of the U.S. Department
    of Education." Steven Andringa of CSU Pomona won the McCall award
    for the best undergraduate paper for his paper "The Middle East and
    Religion’s Relation to the Political Structure."

    Thanks to Margaret Blue for the excellent arrangements and speaker at
    the conference.

4. Does Tony Hernandez have a vote on the council? Consensus to send
around language to amend the bylaws in the Spring meeting.

5. Attendance at the meeting – some campuses do not attend on a regular
basis. What should the chair do? Consensus to discuss the possibility of
designating a co-representative from the particular campus, someone who
would attend more often. The Chair will contact the appropriate representatives....

6. Teaching Resource Depository – N. Chico – looking for more material.
Homework for all reps is to send material in the next two weeks. Noted
that ICPSR has a TRD also.

7. Social Science Data Base Archive – T. Hernandez. Tony distributed
the report for Summer and Fall quarters, 1999-2000, and reported on the
current status..

    a. The SSDBA has been moved from Institutional Research on the LA campus
    back to Academic Technology Support, in order to increase support for the
    technical needs of the SSDBA.

    b. Possibility of obtaining world bank data.

    c. Field Poll – Field is now producing the converted file, should be much

    d. Tony met with Merrill Shanks at UCB regarding the survey documentary
    analysis program Shanks has developed. We should be able to access this
    program at this point.

    e. Roper – we are able to order up to 50 studies per year. The quota in
    recent years has been taken up. J. Korey to provide from the archives the
    priority list from 2? years ago regarding the priorities when ordered studies
    do not use up the total quota.

    f. 3 modules from Sociometrics are up in zipped file format.

    g. Stat/Transfer – Tony has a current copy and will take requests to convert
    files on an individual basis.

    h. Stata site license – Ebeling was advised to go to the Chancellor’s Office.

8. Chancellor’s Office report – no report.

9. Chair for next year: m/s/p unanimously Ted Lascher to be chair of
the council.

10. Location of next year’s meetings: While Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp
was enthusiastically proposed by Nelson and seconded by Anagnoson, the
meetings for next year will be held at:

    Fall – Sacramento

    Winter – Los Angeles

    Spring – Hayward (Student Research Conference)

11. Field Report – Ed Nelson:

    a. The CO proposal for the Field questions was withdrawn.

    b. Two proposals were received for the faculty fellowship – the Field committee
    proposed giving the Field Fellowship and 12 question credits to M. Michelson
    of Fresno for her proposal on political efficacy and political participation.

    c. The Field committee proposed giving 6 question credits for the Ebeling/Shockley
    proposal on revenue restriction measures.

    Caveats – Michelson – small sample size for Latinos – proposal to Field
    to oversample on at least one survey. Ebeling/Shockley – complexity of
    the issues for survey research.

    d. Student Intern – no applications were received as of the meeting date.
    Applications are still being sought.

12. SSRIC Newsletter – Korey was/is to do a list of issues, etc. Material
should be sent by the end of March to John Korey. Essay on how to use data
bases in classes, 1-2 economics sites for classroom use – other reps to
propose other sites for their disciplines.

13. Spring Workshops – Ed Nelson received funds from the American Sociological
Association to sponsor two workshops in the Spring – These are "Web-based
Resources for Instruction"—to be held on the LA campus June 14 and
Hayward campus on June 19th.

14. Distributed:

    a. A new copy of SPSS for Windows, v. 9.0, by Richard A. Shaffer,
    Edward E. Nelson, Nan Chico, John L. Korey, Elizabeth Ness Nelson and James

    b. "CSU Access Speciality Centers and Technology-related Discipline
    Council Members" – brochure distributed.

    c. Information regarding www.driveway.com,
    where you can obtain 25Mb of space for the distribution of documents to
    students, etc. Similar idea to public folders on Outlook....

15. ACCESS and AIRC – E. Nelson. CO now deemphasizing these and calling
them "affinity groups." E. Nelson is chair of ACCESS this year.

T. Anagnoson


Corrections to tanagno@calstatela.edu