Council Meeting Minutes

SSRIC Council Meeting, Tenaya Lodge, Winter 2006

Note: We're missing minutes of meetings prior to Fall 1975, as well as Fall 1977, Spring 1985, and Winter 1987. If you have any of these, in either hard copy or electronic form, please contact John Korey ( or the current Council chair.

Note also: our records show that no minutes were produced for the Winter 1999 meeting. Action items from this meeting were reconstructed at the Spring meeting and are included with those minutes. No minutes were produced for the Winter 2013 meeting. Instead, the meeting agenda is posted.

We are in the process of replacing minutes that are in HTML format (with most recent files listed last - see below) with MS Word format (with most recent files listed first).  We are also planning to convert to electronic form older minutes that now exist only as hard copy.



Last updated: August 9, 2017.