2002-10-25: Fall 2002

Minutes, SSRIC Meeting of October 25, 2002 at
Sonoma State

style='font-family:Verdana'>Scribe: Nan Chico (Hayward)


Present: Sonoma, Hayward,
Bakersfield, San Francisco, Maritime Academy, Pomona, SLO, Sacramento, Fresno,
Northridge, San Jose


1. The previous minutes
were amended to show the Spring Meeting and Conference dates as April 25 &

26, 2003; then approved.


2. We introduced ourselves
to our guest, Michelle LaMar from the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL),
who attended for a couple of hours.


3. Additional agenda item:
update on the student research conference.


4. Ed Nelson (Fresno)
reported on Field Institute issues:


a) We need to heavily
advertise the fellowship and internship. Ed will add the CSU Faculty
Development listserv to the other folks he sends announcements to (Researchers
on each campus, Deans). Ed sent around the list of campus research faculty so
we could update names, and he will email them to all ORs as well. Tony will
post the announcements to the SSDBA/SSRIC website.


b) We discussed the
stipend to interns ($7 per hour) as possibly being too little to attract
students; there was a discussion about possibly asking Field to increase that
amount, but we will hold off asking them to do that. Meanwhile, we should
stress other benefits, such as great experience and the opportunity for
academic credit. Chris Bettinger (SFSU) will find out if a similar internship
at SF State can be made to overlap with the Field Internship (possibly the
intern could stay in student housing).


c) Another suggestion was
to lower the number of hours (40 per week) that the intern works, but giving
them the same total $$ (Field would not be out extra money, but would have the
intern for fewer hours). We decided to hold off on asking Field about this for


d) All ORs should
publicize the Field fellowship and internship through whatever additional
avenues they can, including sending the info to other appropriate listservs.


e) Dick Shaffer (SLO) and
Ed Nelson will contact Field (Mark DiCamillo) to discuss the funding issues
around the Field Poll Data.


f) Our Field Committee
members are Ed, John Korey (Pomona), and Elliot Barkan (San Bernadino), with
Jon Ebeling (Chico) taking care of the ICPSR Summer Institute applicants. We
are grateful to our retiring and/or FERPing members, Jon and Ellie, for working
on the Committee for so many years.


5. Report on ICPSR


{At this point we took an
acronym break, whereby old members explained what all the initials refer to.}


a) Summer Program; Jon
will continue to administer the Summer program.


b) Six CSU campuses have
signed up for ICPSR Direct; all remaining campuses need to get IP addresses to
Tony; authentication is an issue for ISP addresses. Mike Reibel (Pomona)
reported on a workshop he gave just before Fall quarter started on showing faculty
how to connect to and use ICPSR Direct.


c) The Subcommittee on
Instructional Materials and Information (SIMI) will meet in January; they are
working on teaching resources (John Korey and Nan Chico are members). See href="http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/ORG/Other_Resources/SIMI/simi.html">http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/ORG/Other_Resources/SIMI/simi.html
for more details. If ORs have favorite URLs for statistics, research, data, or
similar topics, please send them to either of us.


6. Update on Student Research
Conference to be held on April 25 in San Francisco. Chris handed out a
two-sided flyer with great ideas for publicizing the conference. START NOW!!
Some interesting places for dinner were mentioned. Suggestions for speakers
were forthcoming (tell Chris if you can think of additional possibilities).
Rooms for student presentations have been reserved, and some locals have
promised to bring their classes.


7. CDL Update (Michelle


a) The CDL ( href="http://www.cdl.edu/">http://www.cdl.edu/) now has a staff of 10;
MERLOT (http://www.merlot.org/) is now
under the auspices of the Chancellor’s Office (CO). An upcoming project is to
create a website/portal for CSU Teaching Materials. Michelle does the techie
stuff, and could work with us if SSRIC decides to collaborate with CDL. We
discussed ways of increasing the visibility of our teaching resources, but came
to no conclusions.


b) For newcomers and our
guest we then discussed the history of funding of the databases, the creation
and changes over time of the SSDBA and its relationship to ICPSR, the
relationship of SSDBA to SSRIC, and possibilities for a relationship between
SSRIC and/or SSDBA with the CDL, and/or COLD.


8. Gordon Smith, Associate
Director for Library Policy and Planning at the CO, Director of Systemwide
Initiatives, gave us some information about Pharos style='mso-spacerun:yes'>
(I’ve included some URLs for those who want
more info):





Task Force Listservs: href="http://www.calstate.edu/UIAS/Teams.shtml">http://www.calstate.edu/UIAS/Teams.shtml


The idea of the
Pharos/Portal is to create web-based unified access to whatever each of the CSU
libraries provides; automate inter-library loans; have one big catalog. From
the viewpoint of faculty and students, there would be ONE place to access
that’s simple to use and does not require coming to the campus library. See
Pomona for the best model so far: href="http://www.csupomona.edu/~library/html/other_lib_col.html">http://www.csupomona.edu/~library/html/other_lib_col.html


The CDL is doing things
with Learning Objects, etc., and it could link to, or be part of, the same
Pharos/Portal; so could the SSRIC Teaching Resources, and maybe somehow the
databases. The point, again, is to have one interface that links to everything.


We asked Gordon for input
into our funding of the databases dilemma and what we should do, beyond what we
have always done, to strengthen our case. He suggested we focus on user data
(number of hits). We explained how that is not a particularly good measure. He then
said that we have to emphasize how what we are doing (SSDBA stuff) will
integrate with what the library is trying to do.


We then went to lunch on
campus, thanks Don!


After lunch we continued
our discussion of 7.b. above, in preparation for the 2:15 conference call with
Lou Zweier (CDL Director).


We asked Lou to suggest
how we should react to the memo and how the CDL and SSRIC fit together. His
take was that future funding is not guaranteed, and we (SSRIC) need to position
ourselves to get more/other funding. He said that he was charged by Gerry to do
a web site center, through a Portal, that would provide wide visible access to
system resources. CDL and SSRIC should work together so that our TRD materials
are integrated with other library resources and are therefore more useful and
accessible. He also said we need to get feedback from users about the services
we do provide (we discussed that for awhile, reiterating for him the problem of
the one SSDBA download that could serve huge numbers of students over several