1998-05-07: Spring 1998

Minutes: Meeting of May 7-8, 1998 - CSU Northridge

Present: Anagnoson (LA), Barkan (SB), Chico (HA), Ebeling (CH), Emenhiser
(HU), Gerber (SD), Korey (PO), Lascher (SA), Nelson (FR), Ross (BA), Tabb
(SF), Taketa (SJ), Turner (NO), Chair.

Guests: K. Stewart and I. Zaslovsky (San Diego Supercomputing Center).

Call to order -- the business meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.
Friday, February 8, 1998, in Room 245 of the Sierra Building at CSU
Northridge. Anagnoson volunteered to be secretary.

  1. Approval of agenda - m/s/p. Change in order because of the need of some
    to leave.

  2. Winter meeting minutes - m/s/p. Taketa commended for the quality of his
    minutes the last two meetings.

  3. Announcements:

    • Gerber stated that the reflective teaching book could
      still use some contributors. See him.

    • Jon Ebeling announced that he had FERPed and will be teaching half time
      for the next five years.
    • Ted Anagnoson meant to announce but forgot that he had seen a
      demonstration of Archipelago (http://www.archipelago.com) on his campus - this
      company is a subsidiary of HBJ and is producing 4-8 CD-ROMs for whole
      classes in introductory economics, physics, biology and others - these will
      include 28-40 45-minute lessons to replace both the instructor and the book
      used for the course - for distance learning. Lots of animations, etc. The
      company has also done www sites and CD-ROMs for inclusion with conventional

  4. Student conference - Turner stated that some 13 of 16 scheduled paper
    givers showed up, with some quite good papers among the group. Discussion
    of the competition of the conference in Spring quarter with other
    conferences, including the all-CSU all-disciplines conference and others
    based on disciplines. Some possibilities:

    • Higher monetary awards
    • More publicity on the part of local reps

    • Hold the conference at a different time
    • More recognition for paper givers - put either complete papers or
      abstracts up on the SSDBA web site or another SSRIC web site.

    This year's conference cost approximately $1,000, almost all of which was
    for lunch and rental of the room for lunch.

    • m/s/p - to explore the possibility of getting additional support and
      legitimacy for the Student Research Conference from CSU, including travel
      funds for students.
    • m/s/p - to put the abstracts and program up on a SSRIC web site.
    • m/s/p - to hold the conference at Sacramento State University during the
      Winter meeting instead of the Spring meeting.

    • m/s/p - to explore the possibility of having faculty present papers or
      presentations on how they have used SSDBA data. The precise way of doing
      this is to be left to the committee in charge of the conference.

    Committee to work on the above possibilities and coordinate the conference
    for next year: Nelson, Lascher, Korey.

  5. Next year (98-99) meetings:

    FallHayward, October 8-9,1998
    WinterSacramento, February 25-26, 1999
    Note: This will be the Research Conference
    SpringPomona, April 29-30, 1999

  6. Ebeling letter for State Senator Mike Thompson circulated for signatures.

  7. ICPSR Summer Program: Ebeling circulated a memo regarding the summer
    workshops (attached to the hard copy of these minutes) recommending that the
    two candidates who applied for summer support receive the following amounts:
    Ms. Vicki Zeitner, MA in Political Science graduate student at Cal State LA,
    $1,800 to attend several workshops over an 8 week period. Ms. Roditti, a
    doctoral student at Case Western Reserve and currently teaching and doing
    administrative work in the Department of Social Work at San Francisco State
    University, $1,200 to attend a one-week workshop on social network analysis
    to be used for her dissertation. Approved.

  8. Social Science Data Base Archive - Colin Campbell distributed the

    • A CD-ROM with the 1972-1996 General Social Surveys on it, along with
      documentation - to each member of the SSDBA
    • The second and third quarter combined report of the SSDBA
    • The December/January, 1997-98, Public Perspective (from the Roper Center)
    • The April/May, 1998 Public Perspective

    Campbell demonstrated the workings of the CD-ROM. Stanislaus and San Jose
    do not subscribe to the SSDBA - all other campuses except Monterey Bay and
    the Maritime Institute subscribe. Colin reported that current costs are
    holding; that the SSDBA wishes to upgrade Venus (the Cal State LA computer
    upon which the SSDBA is located) this summer with a new computer; and that
    Ingres (the old DBMS used to store data information) will be abandoned and
    the whole operation shifted to the World Wide Web.

    The policy on ordering information and data from Roper is to order others
    requested by faculty first, and the Los Angeles Times surveys and the Voter
    News Service, in that order, on a routine basis.

  9. AOF Grant Report - Nelson described the outcomes of the AOF grant for
    this year, including 25 instructional data sets with appropriate modules,
    all to be up on a web site operated by Jim Ross at CSUB. Copies of the
    McGraw-Hill SPSS for Windows version 7.5 Basic Tutorial, with data disk,
    authored by Richard Shaffer, Edward E. Nelson, Nan Chico, John L. Korey,
    Elizabeth N. Nelson, and James Ross, were distributed. The URL is

    Issues and problems:

    • Field will not allow any current Field data to appear in modules to be
      used outside CSU or UC. Data prior to 1993 might be possible, however.
    • Field is now stating that all data sets resulting from surveys done in
      election years will not be sent to San Diego for processing until after the
      election in November.
    • Lack of documentation on weights used on surveys.

  10. The Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering at San
    Diego State University - Kris Stewart and Ilya Zaslovsky presented
    information, publications, and a demonstration of the capabilities of the
    Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering.

  11. AIRC/CLRIT - Ed Nelson discussed the CLRIT subcommittee report on data
    base applications and the extent to which the Chancellor's Office should
    support them. Discussion ensued.

    CLRIT has met and reviewed AOF proposals recently. Discussion of the
    current status and implications of CETI.

  12. Field Report - Ed Nelson stated that we have an intern from CSU
    Bakersfield who will be at Field this coming summer. The question credits
    and faculty fellowship from this year are proceeding. Discussion re Field's
    being too busy to send the polls from this year until after the election.

    Field Institute Workshop is on Friday, May 29, 1998 at the San Francisco
    World Trade Club, Ferry Building, San Francisco. Reply to workshop@field.com

    Another problem is lack of documentation for weighting schemes in older
    data, mentioned by John Korey.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Ted Anagnoson, Scribe


Professor, Political Science

Cal State Los Angeles

(323) 343-2245