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The CSU Social Science Research and Instructional Center

The California State University Social Science Research and Instructional Center provides:


Overseeing the Center is the Social Science Research and Instructional Council. Founded in 1972, the Council is the oldest of the disciplinary councils in the California State University system. With representatives from each of the CSU campuses, the Council is dedicated to assisting students and faculty in their learning, teaching, and research by:

  • providing a forum for sharing information about social science data and computer products;
  • initiating and conducting training programs;
  • recommending computerized social science projects in the CSU curriculum;
  • encouraging the collection and distribution of social science data and computer-related instructional and research materials; and
  • advising CSU administrators on policies related to providing quantitative social science data for research and instruction.


The PDF documents linked here may be of interest in understanding the Council's history. Because of difficulties in scanning, or in converting formats (e.g, from HTML to PDF), portions of some documents have been manually reconstructed. In these cases, there may have been some formatting changes but, except for correction of typographical and other minor errors, every effort has been made to preserve the original content.


There have been three histories of the Council written at one time or another:

Other Council Records

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